TOUAX Rail Ltd. produces innovative rail wagon for Volkswagen Group Logistics

TOUAX Rail Ltd. produces innovative rail wagon for Volkswagen Group Logistics

In order to optimise the European-wide transportation between factories, in the summer of 2013 Volkswagen Logistics has opened a tender for the development and lease of 300 large capacity sliding-wall wagons with side covers and with an inner height of minimum of 3 meters for loading of special mesh box pallets.

After the technical and commercial evaluation, Touax Rail has been awarded in October 2013 the delivery of the wagons, based that the construction and fabrication will be fulfilled by Wagony Swidnica /Greenbrier Europe.

The first Prototype has already been presented in March 2014 to TOUAX and sent afterwards for registration according to ‘’TSI Wagen’’ . The second Prototype was ready by the end of April and sent directly to the registration.

The first series of the wagons can be expected by the end of October. Greenbrier has showcased to the wide public one of the two Prototypes at this year’s InnoTrans exhibition in Berlin.

Volkswagen Group Logistics appeared to be content with the wagons and the compliance of the time plan. This has been realised through the collaboration based on partnership between the manufacturer Greenbrier and his client TOUAX.

For TOUAX, the step to invest in new two-axle sliding wall wagons is at the same time a step towards a further diversification of its Wagon types interim over 8 000 wagons in Europe ( for transportation of containers, automobiles, coals, coils and 4 axle sliding wall wagons).

‘’ Touax is proud to be a partner also for  the ‘’Inbound Logistics’’, as for many years we are already actively involved in the ‘’Outbound Logistics’’ with the transportation of the brand-new automobiles on Laaers wagons. The partnership with Volkswagen coincides with our marketing strategy to lease more wagons to industrial clients, who are interested in profitable and long term agreements’’ said Louis Pastré, Business Development and Marketing Director.